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‚ÄčPROBLEM 2014-08-12-0001




A.  Statutes, rules, data, reports and procedures have not been revised to take into account new threats resulting from legislative changes.  C.R.S. 1-10 is written for precinct-polling-place-election canvassing. 


B.  2012 General and 2014 Primary Election canvass board non-certifications were overridden without due-process and without documented reasons.


C.  Statutes and rules lack a clear and measureable statement of requirements against which compliance can be gauged.  Incomplete and ambiguous election statutes, rules and glossary cause canvassing problems.


D.  Illustrative defects 

  1. Interference by government officials in canvass board appointment
  2. Interferrence by govenment officials in canvass board governance.
  3. Noncompliance with election statutes and rules.
  4. Incomplete and ambiguous glossary.
  5. Inadequate election records for canvass.
  6. Contaminated election records.
  7. Inconsistencies between reports and data files.
  8. Inconsistencies within reports.



08/12/2014 - Problem Report Transmittal Letter

08/12/2014 - Problem Submission Form

08/12/2014 - Supplemental Attachment