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Canvass Board Members & Governance
  • Russ Boehm - REP
  • Dan Martin - REP
  • Paul Gessler - DEM
  • Pat Feeser - DEM
  • Jim Remmet - ACN
  • Mary Eberle - ACN
  • Hillary Hall - Clerk & Recorder



It is stronglyrecommend that board members be appointed and that the board convene well before election day to develop detailed plans for performing their duties, and to setup worksheets and databases needed to perform their duties. A chair shold be elected, and meeting rules adopted.
Board work should be conducted in public, and written materials published on the Internet for maximum transparency.
Recommended procedures .
In order to establish counts of voters, ballots cast, ballots counted and votes counted by contest, recommended preliminary procedures have been developed by board members. ...more
Recommended materials
In order to prepare for the collection and analysis of the election data, a list of recommended materials has been developed by some board members. ...more